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          信息來源:  發布時間:2022-12-12

          China Green Energy: Trial run starts for country's first multi-pumped-storage power station control center

          China is conducting a trial run of its first multi-pumped-storage power station control center. Located in the city of Guangzhou, the center will monitor and control seven pumped-storage power stations. Cao Chufeng has more.

          Pumped-storage power stations are like power banks, they store excessive power when usage is low, and generate and release power when necessary. They help increase the consumption capacity of clean energy.

          On Thursday, China's first multi-pumped-storage power station control center started a trial run in Guangzhou. It will control seven pumped-storage power stations and two conventional hydropower stations increasing efficiency by two to three times.

          XIANG MING, Director of Centralized Control Center, Operation Management Branch Company of CSGES "Our centralized control system integrates the key monitoring information all into one page. For example, if we click here, we can see whether there is an alarm in Guangzhou Pumped-Storage Power Station plant B."

          It took three years to design and construct this control center, and it's equipped with various technologies.

          CHEN MAN, President, CSGES Energy Storage Research Institute "In three years, we developed 1,700 monitoring images, and finished the configuration of 150,000 monitoring measure points. Our system combines production experience and intelligent auxiliary monitoring technology. Big Data and Artificial Intelligent are also applied."

          CAO CHUFENG, Guangzhou "Last year, the seven pumped-storage power stations alone were able to decrease around 3.6 million tons of carbon emissions. China is promoting the construction of such power stations to protect the environment. And as the number of these stations increases, a control center like this will become more necessary. Cao Chufeng, CGTN, Guangzhou."

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